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Robin Foster

I was given a camera on my fourth birthday and I shot an entire roll of film that very day. Most children would tire of the gift quickly, but I nearly bankrupted my mother on film and developing. My photography evolved over the years and led to my completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Photo Illustration and a Research Masters Degree in Photography. Now, with over twelve years of professional experience, my passion for photography only continues to grow and I absolutely love what I do!

I am an American photographer, based in Brisbane, Australia. My work has been featured in exhibitions, and printed in various catalogues and publications, such as Russh, Modern Bride, Modern Wedding, The Knot, Queensland Brides, and Discerning Bride. I regularly complete assignments around the world, particularly in the United States. I have ample experience photographing overseas weddings and can help you organise the pre and post-wedding details regardless of where you are in the world.

As a female photographer, I am also able to bring unique sensitivity to my wedding and commercial projects. I offer a more personalised service, making you the most important part of the creative process from beginning to end. I provide a broad range of photographic services, and work only with materials of the highest quality. All Foster Photography sessions and packages are customised to each client. You choose what you want in your package, and together we will tell your wedding story in a way that is a perfect reflection of your style and personalities.

A member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.